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About Cheese Buttons 

Cheese Buttons, also called Kase Knoepfla, are a German-Russian pioneer dish of tender noodle dough stuffed with seasoned cheese. It is a dish specific to the Dakota Territory. Not only are they delicious, but
they have a special history and special place in the hearts of those who grew up with them.

Brief History of German-Russian Pioneer Dough Dishes

Travelers of all nationalities find themselves asking why they had never heard of Cheese Buttons or experienced the other German-Russians dough dishes when many had been to Germany or eaten in German restaurants. To answer this question we must trace the history of the people who created this special cuisine-- the Germans from Russians.

In the late 1700's, Catherine the Great encouraged the colonization of the Russian Black Sea area by German farmers and tradesman. Many taught these skills to the Russian peasants and soon the Black Sea area became the breadbasket of the world. All went well for about a century and then Czar Nicholas the 1st came into power and canceled all German immigrant special concessions and imposed taxes and five year military conscription for the young men. Hearing about the freedom and land available across the sea in the Middle West of the United States, sparked an exodus to the New World and soon these people became know here as the German-Russians.

Bringing with them their skills in agriculture and trade, those who settled in the Dakota Territory put them to use and to such production that in 1892 a small central South Dakota town called Eureka became the world's primary wheat market. The women, having brought with them the knowledge of the many nationalities that they and their families had lived near, being well versed in the art of cooking and using the abundance of production to hand, applied their skills to the development of special dishes now known as traditional German-Russian Pioneer Cuisine.

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